Monday, December 7, 2009

8th Birthday

I cannot believe I have an 8 year-old son. Eight just seems way older than seven and halfway to the driver's license age. Uggh. Thank goodness he is such a talkative blast these days or I would probably throw a temper fit and insist that he play Thomas the Train with me again.

Kyle had a party at the Wytheville Rec center with a few friends. They got to climb this enormous wall, swim in the fun pool, and then hang out in the teen center and eat. From a mommy perspective, it was an easy party and Kyle had a blast:) The homemade cookie cake seem to even be edible enough! Here are some pictures of the birthday boy's special day:)

Party time in the teen room:)

Hope in her rudolph overalls!

GG, Clayton, and Hope at the party. Clayton loves Baby Hope and always wants to hold her:)

Mike climbing the wall! I was so proud of him and we all joked that maybe he would need some Ben Gay later:)

Climb birthday boy! Kyle made it all the way to the top of one side and we all cheered him on.

Ally climbed up all the way also! I was so proud of her.

Here are Mike and Doug getting all suited up to climb!

Here is my brother Chad climbing up.

Clayton and David. We were so excited that Chad and Clayton could come from Vinton for the party. These two are big friends and Clayton truly has a precious personality.

Birthday boy under the mushroom. Kyle was in heaven:)

In the teen room there are lots of games to play and David played Guitar Hero.

A big game of Foosball going on. My boys love this game.

Here is the birthday boy blowing out his candle on his homemade with love cookie cake:)

Happy 8th birthday Kyle-we love you so!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kyle! I can't believe you are 8. Where has the time gone?