Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hope 6 Months!

Even with the busy Christmas season in full swing around here, I had to stop and focus on my 6 month old daughter. Really, she is half a year old already? Really? What a sweet joy she is:) What are you up to these days sweet girl?

She is mobile!! She is really not officially crawling, but amazingly she can move and get into anything now! Gone are the days I can put her on her blanket and expect her to stay there. The boys are so proud of her!

She can sit up now, but much prefers to be on her belly.

She is eating cereal and organic apples for now. The pediatrician wants me to wait until her latest cold/snotty nose clears up before starting anymore food. She LOVES her cereal and just grins while I feed it to her.

She loves storytime at the library and is mesmerized by our sweet librarians voice.

She is still on the tiny side. Amazingly in the last four month pictures she has worn the same onesie. She still wears 3-6 month clothes, but I have broken out her 6-12 month wardrobe. Last week at the doctor she was 14 pounds, which put her in the 20% for weight and 50% for height. Despite how tall Mike and I are, the pediatrician thinks she will be petite?!

She adores her brothers and Davey can get the big laughs out of her.

She is a fair sleeper. We admit that most nights she ends up in our bed:)

Her hair is getting lighter each day. She does not mind hair bands or clippies in her hair!

The six month pictures were a bear to get this month because she is way too interested to find something to chew on. This was the best I could do:) She wanted no part of sitting and smiling for me.

She is really starting to be a Daddy's girl. The other night all three kids were asleep in bed when Mike got home from his board meeting. Hope was asleep, ummm sort of in our bed, and Mike reached down to kiss her goodnight. He whispered good night precious and she woke up and smiled at him and then went right back to sleep. Rotten, I know. The idea that Daddy is just as fun as Mommy is a new development and we are ALL enjoying it! Happy 6 month birthday sweet girl:)

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