Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Facts and Pops Update

I first want to start this random entry off with some good news-I think. The doctor FINALLY called my parents late tonight and the results show that the big nodule that was taken off was benign!! But, there are some smaller places that came back as Papillary Carcinoma. This is the most frequent type of thyroid cancer, but Dad's are small. He will now go visit with his endocrinologist to determine if it would be appropriate to do the radioactive iodine (radiation). The control freak daughter in me says yes, because this type of cancer can spread. I will keep you posted:)

Dear blog friends and family, you have no idea how thankful we all are as a family for the love and concern that has been showered on sweet Pops. He is healing nicely and we are all so appreciative of your prayers. Mom and Dad remained peacefully optimistic the entire time because they relied on their faith in the Great Physician and His plan for Pops.

Here are some random pictures that we have taken since we have been homebound with sweet, sickly Hope.

Here is David's official game face for the big bowl tomorrow night. He tattooed both of us earlier this morning and thankfully I took mine off before heading out to Walmart:)

Hope was finally well enough to try out her new Princess ride on that she got for Christmas. She looks and feels so much better:) David insisted to "spot" her!

We broke out her high chair this week and Kyle even fed her some little puffs. she hated them:)

Here is a picture of little princess in her new to her high chair:)

David is so good with Hope:)

Mike and I are off to a New Year's Eve party tomorrow night. Mom and Dad are coming to watch all 3 kiddos, so thankfully the party is just 5 minutes from our house. We have never left Hope at night. It should be interesting-we might be home at halftime of the game!

The party is a dressy event, which is fun to think about dressing up. Tonight I went to Walmart with sweet potatoes all over my yoga pants, so tomorrow night should be a welcome relief:) To keep it real here on my blog, my outfit for tomorrow night was $5. Yep, I bought a new silvery top thing from Old Navy and I am pairing it with dressy black pants or a skirt that I already have with my high heel boots. I am so tempted to play high school and call a girlfriend over to check it out, but I will resist and feel confident that it is okay:)

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to try to be more real and authentic in my relationships-blog included. How can we encourage each other if we are pretending that we all have it together all the time? No one is Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Soccer Mom, etc.. so lets give it up and just be real and authentic. Raising David has taught me this lesson first hand and I am so thankful:)

Okay, I warned you this post would be random, but thanks for loving on my sweet Dad, and caring enough about my family to read this long and random post:) Happy New Year sweet blog friends and family. May the Lord shower his blessings upon you this upcoming year.

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  1. Laura, just on line checking out Tina's pics that she uploaded today and came across your blog...I love the positive attitude and your honesty. Your kids look happy, loved and perfect.

    My best to your dad. I'll be praying for him and your family as well. About Mike, I am up waiting on him or Coach Rhodes to call me. Cool thing is that since we're in the new house, I carved out enough space for an office. I can now do all of the school closings/delays/etc. just down the hall from my bed and even better, in my pajamas!

    Take care and all the best for 2010,

    Blake Frazier