Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 Highlights

Christmas 2009 has so far been wild, but fun around our house:) Here are some highlights in no particular order:)

Watching Mike play Xbox Rock Band with the boys on Christmas Eve. We started Christmas Eve out at my parents' house for a yummy lunch that Mom made. We also played games there with good prizes!

Hearing the boys squeal when they opened Mario Kart for Wii.

Seeing my Dad healing nicely enough that he could enjoy the festivities:) (He will get the pathology results back sometime next week hopefully).

Knowing that I am not at the kids table anymore:)

Seeing David use Hope as his audience for his budding musical career:)

Watching all the little guys perform We Will Rock You on Christmas Eve. At my Great Uncle's house, all my extended relatives on that side gather for dinner, a family worship/devotion, dirty bingo, and then gifts. It is a fun night and usually the kids have a chance to perform. After our solemn devotion on Jesus being the reason for the season, my kids with Clayton sang their hearts out to We Will Rock You! It was hilarious.

Watching Hope generally love on her new Bitty Baby. She has not felt very well this Christmas break but she did perk up for her Bitty Baby.

Watching Hope inspect the contents of her little purse.

David's new red guitar! Ashley gave it to David two days before Christmas and he slept with it the first night he got it and used it Christmas eve to entertain us all!

Hope modeling this adorable hat from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Pam.

Clayton loving on Baby Hope:) I have never seen this before, butI think these two favor each other. Maybe it is the blue eyes or the darker hair...huh! I love when pictures sometimes highlight things that we do not pay attention to in real life!:)

There are so many more sweet and funny memories, but those are the highlights thus far:) I also received a very special gift from my friend Tracy that I will share later when I get a good picture. I also got a revised homemade recipe book that I will also share about later when I get a good picture. Merry Christmas blog friends and family and may God bless you this coming year!

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