Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Facts

As I am enjoying the sweet bliss of having all of my chickadees snowed in under one roof, my mind has been swirling with some random facts that I just felt I needed to share:

#1 As I am sure you have already heard, we have been hit by a big snowstorm. Being a lifelong Virginian I can attest to the fact that these big snow falls don't come 'round often. It is beautiful, heavy, wet, and utter joy. I did not think so yesterday afternoon when several school buses took hours to get back safely from taking kiddies home. Now that I know everyone is safe, it is awesome. Here is a picture of Mike cleaning off our deck. He did not clean it so we could have a cookout out there, but because the snow is so heavy that it is dangerous for the deck to hold all that snow:)

#2 Kyle is morphing into an amazing helper with Hope. He will entertain her, carry her around, and will read and talk to her. He is awesome!

#3 Hope is mobile on her belly, and she is now starting to get up on all fours and rock! (Pardon the clean Spongebob undies in the picture-it has been a little wild around here this week).

#4 David loves to pretend to be Mrs. P (his teacher) and often makes Hope be his "class!"

#5 David's class had a Christmas party on Friday and he was so excited with his gift he got to open. He also looked so darn cute in his painted snowman shirt that his class painted:)

#6 David has a very creative and sweet kindergarten teacher. She is also a UT fan, so we had to talk a little smack about the VT-UT bowl game as we told her goodbye and Merry Christmas after the party!

#7 David has some sweet friends in kindergarten this year:)

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