Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Poor Hope-she is pretty sick and fighting terrible gunk. She is now on an antibiotic and round the clock breathing treatments to treat this latest gunky infection. Bless her heart...this was her best shot of the day-she has gone downhill considerably since I even took these pictures:( Her sweet big brothers keep sharing their germs with her and it is hitting her pretty hard. If she is not better in a few hours when the doctor opens, then I will be taking her back. Her cough is terrible, she has a runny and congested nose, and this nasty green stuff keeps coming out of her eyes. After she wakes up, we have to take a warm cloth to her eyes so she can even open them. Pitiful.

Life sometimes throws things right at our gut, often taking the wind out of us. We have heard some sad news tonight and as I am up with Hope tonight I just keep lifting these people up in my prayers. We are still waiting on my Dad's pathology results, and a friend of ours just recently had some serious and shocking health news that has worried us. We have also had some news in our extended family that has worried and broken our hearts. It does seem that bad news comes in waves and my prayer list tonight as I rock sweet Hope Madeline is very long. I would certainly rather be asleep than be up with a super sick baby, but I have had some quiet prayer time with the King of Kings.

I love this time of year, and hearing and seeing the word Emmanuel-God is with us. On nights like tonight when the prayer list is long and heavy it is so comforting to remember that we have an Emmanuel-God is still with us today. He hears my prayers for my Dad, our friends, our family, and our little Hope. He knows the burdens of my heart and his promises are still true today. That is such comfort to me as I humbly approach His throne with a sick baby and a long prayer list tonight.

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