Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dave is all about the flip cam these days and loves watching videos of himself. Here are two cute videos that we have taken recently. In the top one, he and Ashely are playing outsde in the wagon and the other video is Tball.

Enjoy these silly little moments of time. I cannot believe that we are about to close the chapter on another school year. Time is flying so fast these days. I just bought the party supplies for Hope's first birthday coming up in June. I cannot believe that she is just a month and a few days shy of the big day.

We are in science fair project mode around here this week and of course we also have lots of ball games and swimming for both boys. I am trying to enjoy this crazy pace because life is flying past us so fast these days:) I am so thrilled about the prospect of summer and I am just as excited as the kids are for the last day.

Last summer was magical because we had a new baby in the house, but we were super limited in what we could do. We had lots of company and we also had lots of rain. This summer I am excited about the prospect of fun family time!! I have spent a lot of time browsing vacation stuff online and we just recently joined a neighborhood pool.

Enjoy the Dave videos and I will post more baseball pics when I can get some good ones!

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