Monday, May 17, 2010

Hope 11 Months

Sweet Hope you are amazingly 11 months old now!! I cannot believe we are just four short weeks away from your big birthday! You are such a sweet heart and we all love you so!

My guess is that you are about 18 pounds now and you wear 6-12 month clothes. You wear size 2 shoes and size 3 diapers. What I notice about your pictures this month is that your hair is coming in so fast!!

You love books and your babies. You are super super shy and you are not fond of strangers at all:) You often bury your head if someone talks to you:)

This picture shows your little temper!!! If we take something you are playing with you pitch a fit! You especially love our Blackberry phones and you throw a fit if we take them from you!! I love this picture:)

You love playing with stuffed animals, babies, or anything like that:) Here you are playing with my Bert and Ernie from growing up!

You may have a temper, but do you ever have the sweetest smile and belly laugh. We all work hard everyday to hear that sweet laugh and the boys can get you laughing in your car seat. You have the sweetest smile:)

You also have this super serious side where you look like your Daddy!

One of the exciting things lately is that all your new hair coming in has a little curl to it and that is so exciting! I cannot wait to see if it is curly and what color it will eventually be.
You love walking in your stroller but only if you can see me:) You nap usually twice a day but rarely in your own bed.
We love you sweet Hope!

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  1. Precious. 11 months?!?!? First birthdays are so special... I'm excited for your sweet family that you'll get to celebrate Hope's first birthday next month!