Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is a random post just because life has been pretty wild and crazy the last week or so. Mike and I took a little two day trip with Hope this past weekend. It was AWESOME to be away with just our little girl and have some uninterrupted time to talk and just be with her. Kyle and David were happily with my parents and having a ball so it was all good.

We love being together as a family but our boys are a little umm, talkative, so good quality chats between Mike and me are pretty rare. We have been chatting about big stuff lately and it has been wonderful to reconnect. We needed this time together and we had a ball. Hope was a perfect traveling companion and she just seemed so darn thrilled with our undivided attention.

She slept the entire four hour ride there which gave us lots of time to talk-work talk, finance talk, retirement down the road kind of talk, etc.. Then when we got there we revisited some of our old stomping grounds such as old apartments complexes, restuarants and jobs. We ate good food and shopped a ton. Our lives are so busy right now that even finding time to shop for clothes for ourselves is a rare treat and Mike came home with two new sportcoats and two new pairs of pants. I will not itemize what I bought, so lets just say I found several things as well:)

Our little get away was just what the doctor ordered for us and hopefully we can do it more often. Life is hard and stressful so we need to be more purposeful in making time to reconnect and have fun!! Mike is a ton of fun, but the drudgery of life often steals that joy. My belly is full from a good Bodo's bagel, my heart is full for my man, and overall everything is better when a little retail therapy is involved!!!

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