Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Life is flying by so fast and furious these days that I have not been at the computer much lately. A friend and I have been walking furiously lately trying to improve our health and overall enoy this beautiful weather first thing in the morning. I am not sure if my physical health is improving as much as my mental health has been:) Love it!

There is much stress these days, but I am turning it ALL over to God and not fretting. (okay-easier said than done but I am trying). I am thankful for our God who is bigger than anything we have going on and I am thankful that we can call upon Him for strength.

We are in the middle of an unintentional house renovation AGAIN. I will spare you the pictures of our stuff all astray downstairs where we had a sink leak that mesed up stuff in a major way. We are on a tight time schedule to get it fixed due to our June company, but we tend to work better under pressure and we have an amazing friend that is helping us pick out what we need and he will be laying our new hardwood floors downstairs in our basement. Anyone who has been here to my house knows that I have NEVER ever liked the basement. It has depressed me with the dark paneling walls and brown carpet but I have loved the idea of having a place that my kids and friends can hang out and enjoy the Wii and playroom. Now hopefully the kids will still love being down here with their friends and I hopefully will be able to sit and enjoy being down here without needing an antidepressant! HA! I will post after pictures when we get it all done:)

We are starting to plan little Hope's birthday party and I cannot believe this sweet girl will turn one so soon. To say that we eat her up is an under statement and I just cannot wait for her party! Then right after hers we will be doing little Dave's and that will be super fun because this has been the first year that he has clearly chosen what he has wanted to do and who he wants to come. His list is mostly girls which cracks me up!!

Pray that we can get our home projects done before Mike's Mom's visit on June 18th. Last year she had to deal with a home renovation during her stay, and I know she is a good sport about it, but it would be nice to have the house semi-decent during her stay this year.

The kids are beyond excited for Memorial day weekend this year because the pool will be opening!! We had first thought about getting out of town and taking a breather, but they are so excited about the pool opening and the town parade that we are choosing to stay here instead.

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