Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Our original plan for Memorial weekend was to go on a little trip to Atlanta. Then, the stress and craziness of last week helped us decide that a weekend at home was what we needed and that was definitely a great idea! We have had a blast at home-we have gotten together with friends, visited with family and even got some stuff done around the house.
Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend and we got to go twice. The kids had a ball-there were lots of friends there for them to play with and Hope loved the water!

The diving board was the highlight for Kyle!

Hope was so happy in her float in the water. She is a definite water baby:)

On Memorial Day our town has a great parade and here are Mike and Hope watching it! My Mom got this dress for Hope for the parade and for the 4th of July:) Kyle says that we should salute her in this dress!

Kyle and Hope waiting for the parade! These two babes of mine look so similar!

Hope is not used to taking naps with big boys in the house, but my Mom helped us remedy that with this great noise maker. The white noise helps her nap and the boys can still play without us shushing them! (yes, she naps in our bed....) Speaking of our bed....the boys had a sleepover with my parents on Friday night so Mike and I could continue shopping for stuff for the house! We are finally getting everything bought for our remodel.

I love sweet moments like this. Thursday afternoon Kyle and I went to the library and picked out a bunch of books and videos. Here he is reading this cute book to David. I love these boys.
Saturday night we had friends over for a cookout. Here are Hope and Brady playing in the gazebo with their toys. They are so cute together!

Kyle's friend Caleb hung out with us Saturday and here the boys are sweating and resting from playing sports all afternoon. They are taking a hot dog break!

The moon bounce is always a favorite and here is David with Ally and Parker!

Before our friends came over Saturday night I had taken the kids to the pool while Mike went to the grocery store. David fell asleep in the deck chairs and slept through the first 30 minutes of the cookout!!

Kyle and Caleb. These two sports-nut kiddos played every sport we had in the house. They have fun together!

We also got to visit my grandparents at the lake this weekend and sweet Hope got to take her first boat ride. She loved the wind in her hair and did not even mind the life jacket!
The other fun thing we did this weekend was take some pictures of Hope for her birthday invitation. David helped me pose her and we got some cute pictures!!!

Tomorrow the boys are all back to work and school. Two more weeks of school and then we are done for the summer. I have lots to get done before they are home, but the next two weeks are also full of events at their school. Happy Memorial Day!

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