Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture Recap

Spring is busy but fun! Here are some updated pictures showing what we have been up to these days!

Here is Hope and her friend Brady at library storytime. Every Tuesday unless we are sick Hope and I are at Together Time at our local library. We have an amazing children's librarian that does awesome programs for children at the library. Hope has gone this whole year and she loves it! She is mesmerized by Mrs. Tracy's voice and loves seeing her friends:)

Here are Mrs. Tracy's boys, Alex and Owen-look how darn cute their shirts are!! They come each week also to hear their Mommy read books.

Here is Brady listening intently to the book being read.

Hope crawling around before storytime started.

Mrs. Tracy sings a welcome song each time and Hope loves it!

Kyle's pitching machine season is in full swing and his team is doing great!! Mike is the head coach for his team and both boys are having a blast with this:) Kyle is hitting well and he is really enjoying this season. We have games in our town and then we travel to other nearby teams. Here he is getting ready to hit.

He typically plays pitcher.

When we are not at the ball field for Kyle, then we are there for David's tball team, The Marlins. Mike is the assistant coach for this cute team and David loves Tball.

Here he is on first base. The first time he made it on base, he was so excited that he hugged his first base coach! It was so cute!!

Kyle got this hilarious picture of David running. They have to wear helmets when they are on bases, but his is way too big and flops around when he runs. He does very well hitting and then taking off to run!:)

Hope spends a lot of time at the ballfield so here she is playing on a blanket with her rice bin that I sometimes remember to bring. It gives her a chance to play on the blanket and I can actually get to see the boys bat. Hope is such a mommy's girl that she will not sit with anyone else.
I cannot believe it is May and that the boys have roughly 5 weeks of school left. This year has flown by but we are all getting so excited for summer! I have been on the computer this week making vacation plans and we are joining the country club pool in our neighborhood. David is going to do summer school for two weeks and Kyle is also going to volunteer at the summer enrichment program. I am ready for swimming and other summer fun:)

A tired Davey after a day at the ballfield:) Check out the gatorade ring around his lips!! Love it!

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