Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's All Good

After this hectic week where Mike did not sleep in our house three nights due to two different work trips, today as we are all eating breakfast at a lazy pace, I just feel like saying "it's all good now." May is a brutal month in our household as sports are in full swing, work is hectic for Mike, and school is winding down. This morning I am so thankful that Mike is here with us and not traveling. He amazes me that he can fit everything in and still be the type of hands-in, involved Daddy that he wants to be. He does it by giving up a lot of personal fun and giving what precious free time he has to his children. He is cool like that!

Yesterday I took the kids and a few extras to see the movie, Fury Vengance. It is silly and hilarious and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to choke on my popcorn. The boys were so good while Mike was gone that going to the movies after school was their reward.

I am starting the weaning process with Hope, but every nursing that we cut out, we seem to add it in later in the day. Oh well, she is my last and if I want to indulge in a few extra months of nursing, so be it. I know very soon she will be so busy walking that she will not be as interested in her momma:) She will eventually be weaned, it's all good.

I have really enjoyed cleaning the baby stuff out of our house recently. There is something so bittersweet about cleaning out all the infant gear from your house. Our living room is piled high with stuff to donate/sell. In the past I have always been reluctant to put away the baby gear-but it's all good this time!

Tomorrow as we approach Mother's Day I am thankful that Mike and I both have our mothers in our lives. I am also abundantly thankful for the three children in my life. I never, never thought I would have one child, much less THREE! Right after we got married we thought we would have extreme difficulty conceiving and it still overwhelms me that God worked three miracles. To think that He also felt us worthy is parent David REALLY blows me away:) I am so thankful to be a mommy:)

I am off to enjoy this pretty day with all thre of my boys and my little girl. I am a blessed woman:)

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  1. Laura - Good luck with the weaning. I've been trying to wean Seth since he was 12 months. At 17 months he still loves to nurse. But, I'm like you in that I know this is my last baby so I am not going to stress if he wants to nurse longer than I had planned. My goal was one year with him. I still love my special time with him and know that I will miss it when he finally decides to quit nursing. We have gotten it just night time and early morning. Good luck. I enjoy reading your blog.