Friday, May 21, 2010

Week Happenings

This time of year there are lots of fun things going on at the boys' school. On Friday Hope and I volunteered at Discovery Day which is a fun day devoted to science. There are lots of hands-on things to do around the school. Hope and I helped kindergarteners make necklaces that help them remember the things needed to help stuff grow such as water, sun, and dirt. Super fun!

The second graders got to do some cool things too. Here is Kyle playing a game where he tries to match the animal to its skin. Yucky but the kids had a ball!

Here is Dave digging for dinosaur fossils!

David with some of his classmates at my station!

Also this week I chaperoned a field trip with Kyle's class to Hungry Mother to do a critter crawl and a nature hike. Here is Kyle inspecting some of the critters under a microscope.

Is this snake real or fake?? You decide:) Clearly if I was this close for a picture you can probably guess that it is fake!

Kyle listening to Ranger Candace talk about non-native species in the park. We are so fortunate to have a state park in our own backyard and it is one of the favorite spots for field trips.
Kyle's class field trip ended at a Chinese restaurant to eat lunch. The classes studied China, so eating real chinese cuisine was a fun way to tie in that SOL.
This time of year is packed with such fun as the school year is winding down. The next few weeks are full of more end of the year events, Special Games, and class plays. After all the excitement of the next few weeks we will definitely be ready for the lazy days of summer:)

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