Sunday, July 4, 2010

The best 3rd of July!

Before even my time, my family has always celebrated the fourth of July at my grandparent's house on Claytor Lake. I think I have missed just a few when I was in New York for the summer during college. It is a fun day out in the sun boating, swimming, eating, and socializing. We celebrated on the 3rd which worked better for everyone's schedule.

How can the day not be fun when you can see cute ruffles on a cute little girl's bottom?
My parents set up their water slide and the boys had fun on it!!

Pops was the brave one that took Hope and David swimming. David actually put on a life jacket and swam all by himself!! We were all so proud of him!! Hope loves swimming, but hates her life jacket:)

My parents bought this huge raft/island at Sam's and we have all enjoyed it. It is a fun place for Hope to play and the boys jump off of it a million times. I just sit on it for relaxation:) It never fails that when I got on comfy on it, the boys would all come and jump on it with me!!!

Sweet Hope in her new bathing suit!

My Pawpaw!

Mike with all the kiddos. We really miss Hunter when he is not with us. Pictures like this remind me of how much Kyle and Hope look like their Daddy!

Mike and Dave on the jet ski! I was so hoping that Mike would be tossed in because he refused to get wet all day. Unfortunately Mike did end up staying dry:)

Our neighbors loaned us their jet ski for a bit and all the boys loved having turns on it! Chad and Clayton taking their turn:)

I would love to be able to make creations like this!!

We celebrated David's birthday with this adorable guitar cake that a lady from my parent's church made for David. He was so tickled with it!

My mom found this Hokie hat and David loved it!! I love this picture-his expression is precious and the icing stained mouth makes it even better!!

I love this picture of these three cousins together. Precious!

Here is my Pawpaw with my boys and Clayton. I cannot even describe how horrible it is to watch him fight COPD. He is currently on total liquid oxygen cranked up as high as it can go. But as you can see from his pitiful legs, he has tons of fluid that settle in his poor legs and make them hurt. COPD really stinks, but he says he feels fine, but he is unable to be active at all. Trips to the bathroom are a chore now because when he stands up his legs are stiff and sore which makes walking anywhere challenging. Thankfully they have two golf carts at their house!

My kiddos fell sound asleep on the way home-they played outside full throttle all day long:)

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