Monday, August 9, 2010

Foggy Brain

Today I am definitely fighting the "foggy brain" syndrome. After the emotional roller coaster of the weekend and the lack of sleep I feel out of it today. Today Ashley and I took the kiddos to eat pizza and to see Despicable Me. I decided to stay away from the hospital to allow Pawpaw some time to rest and to have some fun time with my babes.

Here is the latest scoop on PawPaw. Sunday morning the ventilator came out-Praise the Lord! That was a tricky situation because Pawpaw had a DNR order signed with his doctor on Friday which basically said that he did not want to be on a ventilator. But, to safely do the endoscopy Saturday at lunchtime he had to go on it and be weaned off. I broke our hearts into a million pieces that he was on it for the 23 hours that he was because we know that he did not want that. But once he was on it for the Endoscopy he had to be weaned off of it safely and slowly.

So, Sunday morning we all held our breaths that he would do okay without it and Praise the Lord his vitals stayed strong. He was heavily sedated and rested a bunch Sunday. Saturday was so traumatic for him and for us all watching, that Sunday was more peaceful and less emotional because we knew that his wishes were finally being honored.

All day Sunday his vitals stayed strong and as of now he continues to hold his own. We do not know where he will go from here, except he needs lots of rest and downtime. Most of us have stayed away today to allow that for him.

This weekend was sad, but it was also wonderful as we spent LOTS of quality time together as a family. Often in the waiting room it was Matt and his family, Mitch and Breanne, Mimi, my parents, Chad and Annette and my whole family. Lots of church friends and old friends stopped by and it was so amazing to see the outpouring of love for Pawpaw. The only sad thing about all this visiting we go to do was that he would have LOVED to have been in the center of it all!

Sunday night before I headed home, I went into see him and I was so thrilled to hear his voice again. Granted it was raspy and weak, but he told me that he loved me and that thrilled my soul! During that awful 23 hours on that awful ventilator he could not talk to us and that was torture for him and us.

So, the report today is that he is holding his own and we just continue to pray for God's will to be done and that in all things God will be glorified. Thanks for the love and prayers:)

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