Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been obsessed lately with looking through pictures. Partly because I have been trying to clean up some of my picture files and also because I am currently obsessed with scrapbooking again. I do not know why on Earth I quit doing it for long periods of time because it truly brings me joy, but I guess life gets in the way!

Anyway, here are some recent pictures that I have taken lately that I love. They are not posed but I love the personality that they captured.

I love this picture of my "twins" It amazes me how much Hope is looking like Kyle these days and I love their sweet relationship!
I love the expression on Hope's face in this one! She loves the moon bounce and here she was playing in it:)

Here is my attempt at capturing one of the bazillion butterflies that have been hanging around our huge butterfly bush in our yard. We have really enjoyed watching these beautiful creatures this summer and I just had to take a picture of one!

We are off to the doctor for school physicals this afternoon. I cannot believe it is time to do this again, but we must! My grandfather is holding his own in the hospital as of today and he MAY get to come home to my parents house this weekend sometime. They are getting a hospital bed brought into their house today as well as lining up the oxygen tank to be delivered. I cannot believe we are at this stage already, but I am so thankful for everyday he is still with us. We will go there tomorrow to see him again:)

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