Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Normal

We are settling in to "new normal" around here as we adjust to life without Pawpaw and the kids settling into school. So far, both boys are doing well in school and I am so darn thankful.

Yesterday afternoon we had my parents, my grandmother, and my Pawpaw's sister, Aunt Louise down to our house for lunch after church. I believe they all enjoyed coming here for a visit. The last few months for them have included doctors appointments and the hospital with my Pawpaw. It was a beautiful day so we all sat outside in the yard while the kids played.

Here is my precious, great aunt Louise who is 90 years old playing on the new playground with my boys. When my boys heard that the family was coming they begged to invite Louise because they love her. She is my Pawpaw's older sister and they were very close. This amazing lady has lost her husband (in 1993) and both of her children in the same WEEK in 2003. Despite all the tragedy in her life, she is FUNNY and amazing and we all adore her.

David loves all the attention from the family and I love this picture of him kicking back with his popsicle.

Hope, my Mom, and Louise swinging in my favorite swing. My parents got this swing for me back when I had Hope and we have all enjoyed it:)

I love this sweet boy.

Kyle loves to carry Hope around?!

Mike put David up in the tree and he just looked so darn cute up there!

Hope's turn in the tree! She is sitting so ladylike and dainty because she had just woken up!

Hope loving all the attention:)

Who is this preteen and how did he get in my tree? Just kidding sort of. I am blown away by the growth spurt that Kyle has had just recently and I am so sad that he looks so NOT like a little boy anymore:(

I just love the stage that Hope is in now. I love that she is walking some, but still needs a little hand holding and reassurance along the way. I caught this precious picture of Hope walking across the yard holding my Mom's hand and I just melted. I love baby legs and she was still wearing her sweet church dress. I know one of these days I will treasure sweet pictures like this:)

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