Sunday, August 15, 2010

This blog post is full of random stuff, mostly things that I have wanted to mention:) Below are just some really cute pictures of the kiddos enjoying our water slide at home. I took these before PawPaw went into the ICU and I am just now downloading them.

I love Hope's cute baby legs in this adorable bathing suit my Mom found at Old Navy.

I love this expression on David's face:)

I love that my Hope (with Kyle's help) was fearless and went down the slide by herself!!! I have a cute video that I will upload another day:)

I also have been wanting to mention that we have a local business woman that is working hard marketing and selling her headbands and hair clippies. Her business is called Wendy's Personal Creations and she does GORGEOUS headbands and other hair accessories. Hope is wearing one of her clippies that I bought at the Christmas in July open house in Chilhowie. Wendy is on Facebook and look her up-she was such a pleasure to meet and I LOVE her products! I have a Hokie bird hair clippie that I will post about soon when I pull out Hope's Hokie wardrobe! Adorable and I love that a local woman is working hard and doing great things!

I also have to mention that my sweet PawPaw is still in ICU. The family is starting to think about some alternatives to the ICU. He is still holding his own, but his body is getting so tired and worn down from fighting for every breath. I tell him everytime I visit how much I love him and how proud I am of him. His strength amazes me and I am so thankful that God has blessed us with this time with him. I love visiting with him because he is so funny still but will also be honest and open with you.

As I have been driving back and forth from the Pulaski hospital, this song by Mercy Me has really spoken to me. I fell in love with this song at their concert back in the winter and recently we sang it at church. I love the idea of Emmanuel-God with us. We often hear the word Emmanuel around Christmas, but during this sad and heart breaking time with my Paw Paw I have found comfort in the reminder that God has been and will continue to be with us.

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