Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teachers and Silliness

Life has just been pretty serious lately as we have spent many hours in the ICU waiting room hanging out with my PawPaw. He is still holding his own, but we can tell that his body is so tired and that just breathing is wearing him out. I cannot imagine this life without him, but he is in such pitiful shape that we are all ready for him to get a new set of lungs in heaven.

Grief is such a tricky thing-often I will be fine and at peace with this but then the next moment it hits me like a ton of bricks. My PawPaw has always been a very active and involved person in my life. We will all miss him so.

We have been trying to work in a little silliness and sweetness to balance out the sadness of PawPaw. So, here are some pictures capturing some sweet times in our family and some silliness!

Hope is becoming quite a little Momma to her babies and Elmo. (She refers to Elmo as "mo mo" and it melts our hearts).

Hope loving on "mo mo"

Kissing on her sweet baby:) It is so fun to play with little girls. I spent so many years building train tracks and crashing trucks, that it is fun to get to play with pretend lipstick and baby dolls now!

The boys start school TOMORROW (gasp!) and here is Kyle with his sweet and pregnant teacher, Mrs. Rector. She is so cute and sweet and I just know he will have a great year with her. Here they are at orientation on Monday.

We are so excited that David will have Mrs. Hubble. Kyle had her two years ago and had a great first grade year with her! We love Mrs. Hubble and we are so excited that David will get to have her as well!

This picture makes me laugh so hard. The other day we decided to get all our little boy costumes out to see what David wanted to wear for Halloween. Yes, I know it is only August, but we must plan in advance!! David found this cookie monster, size 3 costume and had a ball wearing it around the house!

This picture is the funniest of all, because the lion costume matches his hair and it is so cute on him AND because

it is about two sizes too small for him, but he could care less and he says that he is going to wear this for Halloween!! HA!

This little brave girl is spending more and more time up on her walking feet than on the floor crawling:) She is starting to look like such a big girl to me these days.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of PawPaw that was just taken last July after Hope's baptism. Just a few weeks after this picture was taken, he was diagnosed with COPD. This is the healthy and vibrant PawPaw that I want my children to remember.
Tomorrow is the first day of school and I will post more pictures tomorrow to document the first day. How can it be that I have a first and third grader???

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