Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slipin' and a Slidin'

Unfortunately, we are on the back end of summer, and I am getting super sad about it. We have been trying to work all the "fun" stuff in and this week we got out the new slip&slide that Dave got for his birthday!

All three kiddos loved it, and we were so lazy that we did not even put on bathing suits to enjoy it-that is how summer rolls around this house:)

We even took it a step farther with our "redneckness" by bringing outside a bottle of shampoo with us. I unhooked the hose, stripped the wet clothes off of their grassy bodies and we took a hose bath outside right in the driveway!! You are welcome to nominate me for "mother of the year" for that one! HA! I had just mopped the floors and the thought of three grassy-legged children running through my house brought out my OCD tendencies!
It was fun to see Hope get her slide on!

David had difficulty staying on the actual slide, and bless his heart, his belly is all scratched up today!

Look at that little grin on that baby girl!

Hope may be our biggest water baby yet and she loved sitting beside the slide and getting wet by the spray:)

David broke the "no carrying Hope rule" to carry her back up the hill to slide again.

This picture makes me laugh so hard! David has been a wee bit of a challenge lately-perhaps the lack of structure is catching up to us, but anyway, I told David that he had some grass on his nose and he insisted to try and lick it off!!!

Today we worked in a big, long trip to Hungry Mother with some friends in our effort to suck the life right out of the remaining days of summer. Despite David's strong will these days, it has been a fun and active summer. Hope will miss her little playmates when they go back to school.
Hope is talking like crazy these days and we are all enjoying teaching her new things everyday. Kyle has been asking daily for ANOTHER baby, preferably a boy. That shocks me so much, and we have tried to explain to him that we feel that our family is complete right now. Today he shot back at me and said "Uh Mom, you and I both know that only God knows big stuff like that!" Yes, baby God does know everything, but this tired, sunburned momma definately feels that her plate runneth over at this time!

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