Thursday, August 5, 2010

I just wanted to journal a little bit about what we have been up to lately. The last few days my beloved Grandfather has taken a down turn in his fight against COPD. He is now hospitalized after a very scary episode at his house on the lake (in the country).

I took the kiddos (I still type boys often in reference to my children and just did it again) up to the hospital to see him this morning. I was nervous about taking my less than obediant David to the hospital, but I am SO glad that I took them all.

We ended up at the hospital the same time that my mom, grandmother, and my brother were there. We actually got in big trouble with the nurses for having too big of a group, but frankly I could care less what that nurse thought. Often my grandfather did not have the air to talk with us, but he just laid there listening the best he could with his inadequate hearing aids and just smiled and jumped in the conversation when he could. If he tried to speak, we all clammed up and allowed him the floor.

I know that our days with him are numbered but this morning was such a gift to us all. My kids waltzed into that hospital room without any hesitation. They kissed his cheek around his oxygen tubing and they were never phased during one of his coughing jags.

I want my kids to not be shielded from the harder parts of life. Unfortunately fighting COPD is a crappy part of life. (Sorry for the harsh word, but that is all I can think of that describes this dreadful and scary disease).

They have asked to go back to the hospital tomorrow, and if that nurse nazi is not on duty then I will drive them back to the hospital to spend time with PawPaw.

On a fun note, yesterday I had to take Kyle to the pediatric dentist and we would probably be gone about three hours roundtrip. I hired our beloved babysitter to play with David. Hope was so enamored with her that I let Hope stay and she made it three hours with a cute, teenage babysitter while I took Kyle to the dentist! My little girl is finally getting over her "mommyitis!!"

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