Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am slowly catching up on my rest after the craziness of this last week. Last weekend I spent many hours at the hospital with Pawpaw and then after he went home to be with our Lord, the funeral craziness kicked in.

He would have LOVED his service! It was full of people that he loved and it was upbeat and funny. The night he went into the ICU, he instructed my brother to "talk about the good times" and sure enough my brother did him proud. My legs and back told me that there were a ton of people at the service because I was in the receiving line and I was exhausted:) Pawpaw touched many people in his 82 years and I think I hugged every one of their necks over that two hour time span of the vistation. The graveside was especially touching because the VFW did the gun salute and played Taps which always makes me emotional.

We decided to bring all the kiddos to the visitation and service because that is what Pawpaw would have wanted. To ease any anxiety that the kiddos may have had, we were really upbeat getting ready for the services and told the children that we were going to a party for Pawpaw because he was in heaven with Jesus.

Just like any other party, we all got in our finest and took pictures:) Here are some shots from the day

GG and Pops with all their five grandbabies. It is rare that all the boys are in a tie together, so we had to capture this moment.

I love this picture of my little twins. Pictures like this take my breath away when I look at how my eldest and youngest favor each other. Check out the light colored hair and the blue eyes.

This was our best attempt at getting all the kids to smile at me at the same time:) Hunter had to corral David so we could get this one! HA!

After the long day of the visitation, funeral, grave side, and then a meal at the church, we were riding home down the interstate. The sun was going down and it was the most brillant and gorgeous sunset that I have ever seen. It was almost blinding it was so bright. I thought to myself that I hope that just as this sun was shining bright, I pray that through Pawpaw's life and death that the Son of God was glorified just as brillantly as this sunset we saw going down Interstae 81 that night.

I have thought so much about all the people that Pawpaw is being reunited with in heaven right now. I am so thankful that his body is whole and that he is happy and at peace. I have a big hole in my heart but I am so thankful for Pawpaw's legacy and love.

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