Sunday, January 2, 2011


As we embrace the year 2011 (wow) I always enjoy looking back through my pictures at the previous year. 2010 was a wonderful year for us and I just had to walk back through the year relishing the small moments and remembering the life lessons we learned throughout the year.

January hammered us with lots of snow and a million snow days. There were days that the kiddos drove me batty with their fighting and such, but I also enjoyed the fun moments when we could dig out and go swimming at a local pool.
I learned that little boys with red hair look pretty darn cute in glasses:)

I learned the joys during 2010 of having a little girl. Toe nail painting and baby doll playing were seen around our household for the first time in 2010.
Valentine's Day 2010-somehow by the grace of God I got this picture of all three kids smiling!!

I constantly worry about David socially at school and last year's sockhop at the school proved to me that I have nothing to worry about. Seriously how cute are these two??

2010 was the year of the golf ball business for Kyle. It started as a fun hobby, but actually grew into a lucrative business for an 8 year old. The golfers were beyond gracious and kind to Kyle. Maybe I can borrow the money for a new camera from Kyle?? Ha!

Easter was our fun and quick trip to Ohio to visit the NFL Hall of Fame. Fun times! We also toured around the local amish area which was fun for me.

2010 was full of spontaneous playdates and fun at Hungry Mother Park. We are so blessed to have that beautiful area in our backyard and we try to take full advantage of it.

Tball season was super fun and I learned that David can hit the ball pretty far!! We still need to work on base running, but the boy can hit!

Hope Madeline turned one. Unbelieveable. We love you sweet girl!

We had some seriously fun times at the country club pool this summer with friends. Love that place.

Special Games is always a hit for David and here he is running his guts out! I love this day as we gather with new and old friends to celebrate all the special people in our life. If you can get through it without needing a tissue then you need to get your pulse checked.

Our family has a tradition of swimming at Hungry Mother every year on the last day of school. I pick the kids up from their early dismissal at school, we hit McDonald's and then we cruise out to the lake for an afternoon of swimming to celebrate SUMMER! I love the picture of Pops and Hope at the lake.

We finally redid our basement with new paint and hardwood floors. I no longer need an anti-depressant to hang out in our basement!

Sweet family times with those that are now home in glory. This picture was taken on the 4th of July and it turned out to be the last time we were all together as a family at my grandparent's lake house. This picture is such a reminder to me to savor and enjoy family time. My Pawpaw loved family time the most of anyone I know and I hope to carry on his tradition of family gatherings. I miss him so much.

All Star season brought us many road trips down I-81 traveling to ball games. Kyle and I made a CD that we listened to nonstop during these road trips. I love cheering on my kiddos in sports.

We celebrated sweet Dave's 6th birthday.

Our trip to Busch Gardens is what helped Hope fall in love with Sesame Street. We love that place despite the hot hot temperatures there!

Remember that idea to savor family? God orchestrated a family reunion exactly one month before my Pawpaw passed way at his lake house for all of his family. His brother and family flew in from Texas which prompted this amazing reunion. I will never forget this day.

The first day of school for my 1st and my 3rd grader! I learned that some things that we totally stress about really are not that big of a deal. I worried all summer about Kyle moving to the intermediate school and now I am embarrassed that I spent any moment of my life worrying. He loves that place and is so happy.

I learned that trips to Pigeon Forge with multi-generations will help heal a broken heart. We took this trip the week after my Pawpaw passed away and it was a fun way to remember that life does indeed go on.

I learned in 2010 that front teeth really come out during rough games of backyard football! I think he looks adorable.

My Kyle fell in love with soccer when he joined a local travel team! During 2010 I learned a lot about soccer.

Spontaneous trips to the pumpkin patch are the best!

Because of David we have met some amazing people and Angie is one of our favorite! I LOVE that my family is involved in our local Down Syndrome group where we gather a couple of times a year with our group and celebrate our kids. Kyle adores Angie and always looks for her at our events.

I learned that Ashley can carve a pretty darn good pumpkin and that my kids are kind of squeamish about the insides!

In 2010 I understood that David is truly blessed with an amazing village of cheerleaders that root for him in every endeavor he pursues. We are very blessed that AShely's family has adopted David into their own and they come and support him.
I learned that Hope is not so crazy about the guy in the red suit:) During 2010 Kyle turned nine-how can that be?

I was also reminded that the greatest gifts cannot be bought at a mall but are felt in our hearts as we appreciate and love our families, surround ourselves with great friends, and accept the amazing gift that is Jesus our Savior.

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