Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Fun

This weekend has been such a wonderful treat-we have had nothing on the agenda except church and a birthday party!! After the stress of last week with the weather it was so nice to kick back and enjoy family time at home.

The kids did a lot of playing in the snow because it was actually warm enough to play outside but we still had plenty of snow. Check out how snow-covered our darn driveway was Saturday!

My sneaky little David decided to throw lots of snow balls at me! Friday night I got to go out with a good friend to a Tastefully Simple party (yum yum) and then we went out to eat! It was such a wonderful treat. While I was gone Mike took all three babes to a local high school basketball game. I heard he handled all three beautifully by himself:)

My sweet Hope did not sleep well Friday night so we suspected that her ears were infected. I took her to the pediatrician Saturday morning and sure enough she had a double ear infection. After two doses of a z-pack she is already so much better.

I need to do a whole post sometime soon on "Hopeisms." She is saying the funniest things these days and she is a jabber box at home. Her vocabulary is amazing considering her age. My boys did not talk this early and she knows all of their friends by name:)

She loves the snow!!!

I had such a hard time getting a good group picture with my darn camera and the kids were complaining that the sun was in their eyes! It has been so long since we have had a bright sunny day that they were not used to it!

David is all about hitting anyone he can with a snowball-even Daddy in his work clothes! People think that Mike does not have to work on snow days, but he still goes in early after he makes the snow call and puts a full day in.

My sweet Dave-he has been so affectionate and sweet lately. He did scare us to death at a birthday party today by going to the bathroom and not telling us where he was. Ashley and I could not find him and he was happily sitting on the toilet using the bathroom! Love his independence but I do not love when he scares us to death!
This weekend has been such a treat-I actually took a huge nap Saturday with Hope. We just caught up around the house this weekend. This upcoming weekend we will be going nonstop because our AAU team is cohosting a local tournament to raise funds for our team. It is going to be such fun, but we will definitely work hard keeping the gym going with concessions, ticket sales, and such. Also, our little visitors that were here last week will be coming back to stay with us overnight due to their baby brothers surgery on Tuesday. Please keep praying for little Benji.

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