Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring Break in January!

Amazingly the kiddos have been out of school ALL week this week due to snow. We have had some cold temperatures and lots of inches of snow. I really have no idea how much we have gotten because of drifting. Yesterday Hope had a well check and I bundled all three up and off to the doctor we went. Hope had a great checkup-she is 32 inches tall and weighs 23.4 pounds. Poor baby got three shots, but we are catching up on her immunizations.

Since yesterday was spent running errands and doctor appointments on white roads, today we loaded up our friends and went on a road trip!

How cute is a car full of kiddos excited to head to Chuck E Cheese?!!
I am annoyed at this camera and I am annoyed that this cute picture of Hope is sideways, but anyway, here is sweet girl on my blackberry. All the kids in the car either had a Nintendo DS or an Ipod and at the time the Vreader and all other techo gadgets were being used, so Hope screamed for "da backburry."

This picture is also sideways (darn new camera) but Dave loved the street hoops game! He had such a great time today-we really went for him because he has asked to go there since the summer and we are just now getting around to it.

This girl is so brave and she and David and Macy took turns riding this horse! She wasn't scared and her new phrase is "dude it" which means let me do it myself now!

Kyle shot hoops a million times!

David at the end realized that by dancing in front of this camera he could get on the big screen and I had to drag him away from it to go home. He is definitely my music man/entertainer!
We had such a fun day out with friends on this cold, snowy day. Our roads are finally showing some pavement and the forecast for next week looks like we may get to pack up the backpacks for school again. I have honestly enjoyed this week with my kids-Hope is going to have withdrawal AGAIN when her two big brothers head back to school.
We have a busy weekend with a big swim meet for Kyle, Upward basketball for David, and two birthday parties! After suffering from cabin fever for once I am excited that our calendar is so jammed packed for the weekend!

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