Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everyday Moments

There are just times that your kids are so funny and creative that you just cannot stand it! Last night Kyle and David got the idea to have a a sword fight using the sword from David's Armor of God outfit. They assembled quite an outfit for each other!
Dave decked out in this Armor of God plus the elmo bike helmet and super star sunglasses?!
Kyle in a Home Depot apron from Brett's birthday party like five years ago and his STeelers football helmet:)

Hope just being cute:)

Dave did convince her to put the helmet of salvation on! I want to try to remember fun and silly times that the kids had around the house. There were actually no fights during the dress-up and play time which just might be a record for these two.

Also, here is a little glimpse of my singing queen:) We have been taking music classes for almost a year now. She is my shy little girl at class but then comes home with all of our instruments and really belts it out! Ha! Her teacher, Mrs. Rae Ann would be blown away how loud she is singing at home! She barely participates in class, but she takes it all in and sings her lungs out in the car and at home:)

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