Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hoops Etc.

I have been so excited all day to download my latest pictures off of my new camera. It is a little point and shoot by Nikon and I just knew it would be okay. These pictures really make me miss my old camera. I promise I will stop whining about my old Nikon very soon, but I am overwhelmed with how fast my children are growing and changing and I just hate to miss a moment with a crappy camera.

Hope and I are settling back into our daily routine while the boys are at school. Yesterday we went to the gym and today we went to storytime and lunch with some new friends. Her little girl is just a few weeks younger than Hope and we talked all lunch about life and how much fun little girls are.
Hope is seriously enjoying her new kitchen. She often cooks while I cook our meals and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I realize that us girls are both cooking in the same kitchen:)
Mike is coaching a rec league basketball team and both boys are playing on it! I LOVE this picture of the boys in huddle before tipoff. There is big Kyle (#17) and if you look really hard you can see David (in the yellow and blue shorts) who is so small that he can barely reach in the huddle. It makes me so happy when they can be on the same team.

Coach Daddy and Dave before the game:)

Teammates and brothes for life! It makes me want to bawl and smile all at the same time when I watch Kyle encourage David in sports. Kyle still does not get all the details about Down Syndrome, but he gets enough to comprehend that it is a big deal when they are on the same team. Last night I watched Kyle call David over to the huddle at halftime so he would not miss a beat with the team.

Warming up! That 8 foot goal is really tall for tiny Dave! We won our first game and I just know this will be a magical season as Mike coaches our two boys!

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