Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Today is snow day #11 for our county. The forecast is also calling for snow each day this week so it is looking pretty doubtful that we will get back to a routine anytime soon.

So, I bundled my little snow bunnies up and we headed out to enjoy the pretty white stuff before the ice starts later this afternoon.
My sweet little bunnies. I soooo missed my nice camera this morning playing outside with the kids. I love watching them roll around in the snow and play.

They did a little bit of sledding. Poor David wanted so bad to make a Frosty the snowman, but it was way too dry of snow to pack and make a snowman. We tried though.

I did not realize how much snow we really had until sweet Hope tried to walk through it. She was blessed with a bag of shoes from Chloe Campbell and there was a pair of cute pink snow boots that Hope is obsessed with. They also matched her pink snow bibs!

Hope only liked sledding on flat surfaces so I got a workout pulling these two around the yard!

We then decided we had so much snow that we made snow ice cream! I found a recipe from Paula Dean and we tried it!

The recipe calls for 8 cups of CLEAN snow-we scooped some off of the table on our deck. We have been so surprised at the amount of animal tracks around our house lately. Then you add a can of Eaglebrand milk (14oz.) to the snow and then a tsp. of vanilla. Stir together and serve immediately.

Kyle liked the ice cream with M&Ms of course and Hope loved it plain! David (who typically does not like a lot of sweets) did not like it at all. I thought it was pretty good and we saved some for Mike to try later when he gets in from work. The kids had a ball making it and of course we have plenty of snow around here to make a ton of it:) Happy Snow day!


  1. Hi Mrs. Robinson! I teach Kindergarten at Rich Valley Elementary and have spent some time over the past several snow days creating a blog on blogspot for my kindergartners and their families. I stumbled onto you beautiful blog by accident and must say it is very inspiring to me as a newbie. I kept it tabbed while working just to listen to the music!

  2. thank you for your sweet comments and please call me Laura! What a great idea for your kindergarteners:) If I ever teach preschool again, I dream about how I will use a blog for my classroom:) Great idea and let me know when it is up and running-I would love to check it out.