Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend was full of basketball action! We traveled (in a blizzard) early Saturday morning to a nearby county for some AAU action. Hope and David went to my parents for Friday night so David could go with my Dad to a Virginia Tech basketball game!! He had a ball and my Dad said that there was no one in the gym that had more fun than David. I love when David gets to do cool, fun stuff by himself!!

Two peas in a pod-Kyle and Caleb in between our games. We won our games on Saturday and went back today for the winners bracket and we lost. There are so many great life lessons that can be taught with sports and my boy loves basketball!

In between games several of the boys brought their Nintendo DS games and they hooked them up (?) and played games against each other. It was hard to pull them away from those games to warmup! Ha!

This is such a sweet team with boys from each of the communities in our county so we are truly a county team. Kyle has made friends with kids that he would not have met otherwise. The parents are all super supportive (everyone showed despite that darn blizzard) and we have fun together in a gym all weekend.

Team huddle before the game! I know that some people think we are nuts choosing to spend our weekends in a gym in a random town, but I can honestly say that I love it. I love watching Mike coach. I love watching Kyle play. I love that David and Hope have other sibling friends to play with and I adore the other Mommies that I get to hang out with.
I know in a couple of decades when I no longer have this opportunity I will miss these days of traveling all over to cheer my kids on. I love watching this team improve and encourage each other. The parents have become some of my dearest friends simply due to the volume of time that we spend together. There is nothing like watching your child do something they love and have a blast doing it!

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