Monday, January 17, 2011

Divide And Conquer

The name of the game this past weekend was divide and conquer!! Mike and Kyle went to Knoxville for a swim meet and I took David and Hope to Radford so that David could go visit.....

The Hokie Bird! Virginia Tech played Wake Forest in basketball and so we went to the game with Pops, Chad and clayton. Poor Clayton was scared to death that the Hokie Bird was going to come see us, but we kept reassuring him that the Hokie bird would stay on the court. Late in the first half we looked up and the Hokie Bird was actually about 5 feet away from us! Neither Clayton nor David wanted a picture with him and Clayton made sure he kept his eye out for him the whole time! I am not sure why both of these boys are scared of costumed characters, but they are.

David had such a fun time that late in the second quarter he snuggled up next to Pops and fell sound asleep. Bless his heart:)

Earlier in the day we bought David some new shoes and he was so excited when he realized that Uncle Chad had some just like it!

Clayton and David. Chad sat between them and they were so cute and excited. David cheered every cheer and Clayton sang every song:) The game was actually kind of boring (because Tech beat them) but we had fun with these two!

After church Sunday our friend, Caroline had a skating party and while we waited on Kyle and Mike to come home we went and celebrated her ninth birthday!! Hope got some Tinkerbell skates for Christmas so Mommy skated with her-talk about a back breaker:)

Handsome Dave before church Sunday morning.

Sweet Hope before church:) I just bought this dress for her and I would LOVE to learn how to sew church dresses for her like this. By the time I would have time to learn to sew like this then I would probably have grandchildren! Ha! I am super excited that this is big on her so she can wear it next fall also!

These pictures have nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to share them. Our AAU team is super blessed to have two ladies that have professional photography equipment and take pictures for us! These are the two that Angel got of Kyle at our last tournament. It makes me so happy to have good pictures of my kids "in action" and it also makes me suffer with camera envy:)

I love this face-I love that he is finally not scared to go after those jump balls and even accumulate a foul or two! He is so ruled bound that he was so nervous about getting a foul! Ha! This weekend was super full to the brim with fun. The snow for now has melted on the roads and the kids went back to school today!! Kyle was sad about going back today, but I keep reminding him that each day we go the closer to summer break we get!

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