Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love Being a Mom

I love being a Mom. It is seriously the hardest and most gut-wrenching job I have ever had, but I feel so blessed to have three healthy children.

About ten years ago or so, Mike and I thought we would not be able to have children. But thankfully my God is bigger than any little ovary issue and we have been blessed with three precious babes. I am so thankful for my big boys and my little girl.

Parenting this angel is certainly not an easy task but I am so thankful for him. Often my "hands are full" with my three babes, but I would rather have a big armful of children than empty arms. I remember that feeling ten years ago when I thought my arms would never cradle babies, but 11 years and three babies later, I am honored when people tell me that my hands are full. Yes indeed they are, and I would not have it any other way.
My eldest babe has taught me how to be a mother. With him I learned that amazing feeling of unconditional love. He taught me that I can do anything with only a few hours of sleep and to trust my instincts. My second babe has taught me lots and lots of different life lessons that I am still learning today. I am so thankful that because of Dave I see the world much differently and that I am a better person because he is in my life. My youngest babe has reminded me to enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast. With her I am appreciating every single moment because I now see how fast time does fly. My girl has also taught me all things girly and because of her I now know all my princesses:)
These three angels coupled with their Daddy make me a very, very happy and blessed woman.
On this Mother's Day I am thankful that indeed my hands are full. I know so many that would love to hear the word "Mommy" and I praise God everyday for the reminder of his grace in my life.
So today on Mother's Day I praise God for allowing me the opportunity to raise three children to honor Him.


  1. You, my friend are an amazing mother, wife and friend. Those babies you have cradled have been blessed beyond measure to have you as their mommy. Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. Your comment made me tear up-thank you:)