Monday, May 9, 2011

These Days

Today Kyle and I officially started our school countdown. I get just as excited as the kids do for summer break. I love lazy mornings, days spent at the pool, and leisurely afternoons spent with friends in the neighborhood. I love everything about summer.

But I am also enjoying every minute with this cutie before I have to share our day times with her brothers. Today we drug out the baby pool and spent the afternoon on the deck in the water:) It felt like our little piece of paradise!

Hope is certainly my water baby and she was in heaven with her little pool!

I often take being at home for granted but today I just relished my afternoon spent with my favorite girl out in the pool. (For the record, we do not allow two pieces except for at home so Daddy may not like these pics!!) Two pieces definitely help with the potty training!

She practiced blowing bubbles while I read a cookbook.

I have just noticed lately how BIG she seems to me. Talking with her is like conversing with a five year old. On one hand I am so proud of her but then on the other hand it makes me mourn her babyhood because it is certainly gone.

We even had lunch poolside today and as you can see it was way too bright out there today!

When David came home he was so excited to jump in the pool with her and I love this picture that Ashley got of him-wild hair and all!

I love these cuties so much. So for now I am relishing my days with just my cute girl but come June 10th I will be as ready as the kids are to pack away the backpacks and pull out the sunscreen and bathing suits. Bring on the summer fun!!!

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