Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another DAy in Paradise

Today Kyle had three soccer games in Bristol. As several of our friends got out of their cars someone said "another day in paradise!" Yesterday I sat with some of my same friends at baseball all day and today we were out to cheer on our boys in soccer-I love every minute of this sports-crazed life.

Speaking of paradise, here are my two youngest being as cute as they know how to be. I love it Hope's expression!

My girl can yell "whoo whoo" with the best of them and she loves cheering her brothers on.

Here is my super tall soccer player smiling for the camera. He loves my new sports lens as much as I do! Just this weekend playing baseball and now soccer I can tell that he has recently had a growth spurt AGAIN.

Kyle and Duncan going after the ball.

Love this action shot of my boy. Kyle has really loved this travel soccer team and was so excited driving to the game! If I heard "how many more exits" one more time I was going to scream!

This is a tent full of cuties. David and Hope really had fun playing with Reid and Macy today. They had fun in Mrs. Diane's tent/umbrella!

My girl rockin' her Chuck Taylors.

Hope and Macy having a little shoe tying lesson. These girls have so much in common with both having two older brothers.

Here is Kyle playing against Robert Lineburg. I went to high school with his brothers and Daddy and it was super neat to run into them at the field. It is such a small world:)

These sweet, sweet girls:) I love it!

I am tired, sunburned, but oh so happy that we had such a fun weekend cheering on both of our boys and spending time with good friends. Life is indeed good, now back to the real world:)

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