Friday, May 6, 2011

Wonderful Day!!

What a difference a day makes!! Yesterday was one of the worst days ever-just a mess of lost keys, lost Blackberry, and other random things which made for a long day. Today, however, has so far been nothing but amazing!!!

Today was Special Games day for David and all his friends!! We saw old and new friends-it was so special. Here are some pictures of the parade at the beginning. Special Games is something you just have to experience for yourself-it is so emotional, fun, amazing, and overall just plain fun.
Here is Miss Caroline in the parade of champions!!
Here is David walking with Rhett Sturgill. David insisted that Rhett walk with him in the parade.
One of the local weathermen came for the opening-Dave Dierks !
Here are David and Rhett waiting for the torch. Dave got to be one of the torch runners this year!! He was so excited because he has never gotten to do that before.

Still waiting-here it comes!!!
This picture totally melts my heart. This is always such an emotional day for me-I wish I could put it into words how blessed I feel to have a special games athlete. I know God chose us to parent David and I just am so humbled and thankful that he is in our life. Raising David is not easy for sure with his strong-will, but I am just so thankful. Here is my boy giving it his all and I am such a proud Momma cheering for him on the sidelines as I wipe away my tears of joy.
This picture cracks me up because this one reminds me that he is related to Kyle-my competitive child! David has his game face on in this one and is ready to WIN!!! Check out that determined face!
RUN Dave!!!

David and sweet Alex. She was one of the seniors that got to help today.
After Special Games I had to rush back to preschool for the Mother's Day tea! My aide, Ms. Brandi had the children all ready to escort their Mommy's to their chair to be served. It was super fun!
My barefooted girl had fun at the Mother's Day tea too!
Ha-Ha it is so funny!!
Here are all the Mommy's and Grandmommy's enjoying their special snack. We served cream cheese and chive sandwiches, strawberries, popcorn, and the children decorated cookies for their Mommy.
My funny funny girl loves preschool and here she is with some silly hat on!

So far today has been nearly perfect. Tonight I am going out on the town with some good friends and I am looking forward to that. I have had such a fun day cheering on my awesome David and enjoying preschool with my favorite girl. I am a blessed, blessed Mommy.

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