Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Little Engine That Could

We are counting down the days until the last day of school. The pressure is on and this Momma is feeling it. Kyle starts his state SOL tests tomorrow-he has reading tomorrow morning, Science on Friday, and History and Math next week. We have prepped, studied, laid out his comfy clothes, and all we can do now is pray. This entire school district has worked so hard to prepare these children to succeed.

This time of year is always so crazy. I know every other Momma feels it to-every calendar night is full of ball games and other school activities. The pace is frantic and crazy but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are working on David's science fair project tonight which is due Thursday. Thankfully it has rained this week so some of the ball games have been canceled.

I am so shocked how sad I am about preschool ending next week. Hope and I will miss these kiddos so much. I feel like I have just gotten to know each of their little unique personalities but I must send them on. It will all work out because the roster for next year is full and I have all summer to prepare for a new crop of preschoolers. I love my job.

Mike is busy as a bee too attending a bazillion school events around the county. Add a few of the boys ball games to the mix and it is crazy around here. His summer is just as busy as the school year but there are some exciting things going on in our county. He hates when I talk about him on here, but he really is good at what he does and he cares about all the kids in our county.

Next week Hope and I will be done at preschool. It is going to be so weird when I shed a tear over a group of kids I have barely had 10 weeks, but they really are a special group of kids and families. They have accepted me and my little curly-haired sidekick and we have all had a lot of fun. I keep meaning to take pictures of my preschool room to post on the blog because it truly is the best classroom ever. It is huge with lots of windows and more supplies than I could ever use.

So for now we are holding on for dear life to make it through the next four weeks. I feel like the Little Engine that Could saying "I think I can..I think I can..I think I can." To help this maxed out Momma stay sane, I just keep picturing our fun days at the pool with our friends. It is really going to be a fun summer. Hope is at a PRECIOUS and funny age. We have big and small plans for fun this summer and this Momma is READY!!!

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