Monday, May 30, 2011

This Memorial Weekend

This Memorial Weekend 2011 not only did we think about those that have fought for our freedom but we also

enjoyed the opening of the country club pool! My kids loved it so much last year that we were excited for it to open up again this year. They have a ton of friends out there (Mommy too) and it is so convenient to our house.

We made a quick trip to Target to buy Miss Independent a puddle jumper. She wants to swim solo, but she is not quite ready yet. So, we bought this for her and it is wonderful!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at our friends' house with some other friends. The kids played while the adults chatted and it was relaxing and wonderful! Their Barbie jeep was a hit with Dave!! Their home and land are so pretty and it was a great evening!

We giggled at our girl who is obsessed with her sunglasses!

We enjoyed time with friends in their playhouse.

We fell in love with a sweet pooch named Honey at our friends house. They recently got a new dog and EVERYONE (but Mike) fell in love with this sweet dog. Kyle (who is usually timid around dogs) fell in love and is now asking for a poodle!

We enjoyed watching our girl play with other sweet girls her age.

played a little golf. Mike surprised Kyle with an outing to play golf one morning. Kyle was so excited that he got up at 6 a.m. ready to go with his Daddy. He even asked me to take their picture before they left.

We dressed up to go sing about Jesus. While the big boys played golf, I took our two youngest to early church. These two together melt my heart.

We even dressed up in our red, white, and blue and headed downtown to watch our awesome Memorial day parade. Hope and David loved the parade. Kyle was not excited to go when he found out that they do not give out candy at this one. Sigh-he is getting too big too quickly for me!

We wore matching Red Sox shirts!! We took a family trip to Salem to watch the Salem Red Sox play. The kids had a blast and Hope especially enjoyed the face painting!! The boys love going to watch those games, but this was my first time.

We got a cute and random group picture in the yard.

We perfected our piggy tails. Hope's hair has really gotten long lately and we have been experimenting with different hair styles to keep it out of her face for the summer. My Mom did these piggy tails-I love it!

We pulled out the life jackets and put them on! We left town right after school Friday to head to Claytor Lake to be with my family for the evening. It was a little chilly but Kyle was determined to tube!

We enjoyed watching this little girl ride the boat! She rode last year a few times but was not super thrilled with it . What a difference a year makes because this year she loved it! Here she is helping me spot Kyle on the tube.

We rode Pops' boat and no one enjoys it more than this one! He loves to co-pilot with Pops.

Kyle was the only brave tube rider, but he was sooooo happy to be back on that tube again. Pure joy on this boys' face!

We played ball with cousins and had a blast with them at the lake.

We rode golf carts with cousins!

After the intensity of the last two weeks, we really enjoyed this holiday weekend to blow off some steam and HAVE FUN! We crammed almost every moment full of fun, family, and friends and it was truly a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather was perfect, we enjoyed time with friends, snuck in a family cookout, and just enjoyed the time with family.

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  1. Our cups runneth over my dear friend. We also enjoyed every minute of our long weekend. We were so glad that you and your family were part of it. Hello Summer!!