Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stuff Full

This weekend was stuffed full with fun. The weather was beautiful and picture perfect and we just had fun with family and of course ball games. Both boys had home games this weekend so it worked out great for my parents to come catch both boys in action on the same field.

In between games we went to a playground and my Mom brought a picnic lunch. It was super good and way better than a hot dog at the field. Hope obviously was enjoying her lunch:)

These two playmates have such fun together and here is David encouraging Hope down this big slide.

At the playground she got so dirty that we actually had to have a quick bath at home before Kyle's game. She picked out her Hokie dress:)

Here is my big boy batting. He got to pitch Saturday and did great!! He got 10 strike outs and had two good hits. He says that his Pops is his lucky charm because the last two games that Pops has made it to he has done well:)

Waiting to steal a base:)

Should I stay or should I go???

Earlier in the day I had quickly visited my friend Tracey's yard sale. She sold me this roller coaster for Hope but as you can see, the boys LOVED it! Kyle way exceeds the weight limit but he just had to give it a go a few times.

Look at those long legs dangling:) This was one of those weekends that we spent way more time outside then in. I love it! Bring it on summer-we are ready.

This picture cracks me up because David too loved the roller coaster and moved it to the steepest hill in our yard.

Sunday morning we miraculously got ready for church a few minutes early so I pulled out my camera to start clicking! Here is handsome Dave in his shirt and tie:)

These two love each other so much!

My sweet girl is growing up so fast but here is a closeup of her sweet face and all her curls. We have to pulled it back out of her face because her curls are getting wilder by the day. Praise God for detangler!

Somehow I got a group shot with them all looking forward and actually smiling!! This is so rare:) This is pretty much how they go to church each Sunday. Kyle in a sports golf shirt and shorts, Dave all decked out "like Daddy" and Hope in one of her many sweet dresses.

After church it was so hot and sunny that we pulled out the sprinkler and moon bounce. The kids loving doing water stuff and the moon bounce is always a big hit.

I love this angel face with all his missing teeth and freckles.

Sweet girl does not mind in the least mixing it up with her brothers. We do have a new rule that Kyle and Hope cannot jump together in the moon bounce. He is so big and she is still so tiny that he bounced her out today. Whew-that one scared me! All is well and she hopped up giggling.

This week is crazy for us. Kyle has two more SOL tests, I am finishing up preschool this week with out program Thursday night and picnic Friday and Mike has to go out of town one day this week. We will survive it I know but we will all be ready for a holiday weekend next weekend.

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