Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Week Gone

I cannot believe how fast time is flying! We are trying so hard to soak every last summer moment up before the school doors open for the first day. I can tell the kids are getting exited about school (a little bit) and I am certainly get fired up for a great year of preschool.

In the meantime we are enjoying our lazy days of summer. One night this week Mike and two of his coworkers played golf and they included Kyle and two other sons. I think they had a blast playing nine holes. David and Hope were so excited to sit outside in our yard and wait for them to come to "our hole" and cheer for them.

Here they come!!

Here is my little golfer teeing off. He has fallen in LOVE with golf this summer! He has also had a thriving golf ball business this summer. We all go out for walks on the course in the evening and find golf balls. He and Mike come home and clean them up and then he sells them to golfers coming by for $.50 a ball. Kind of like a lemonade stand but with golf balls! He has made about $250-300 total over the last two years. He made enough the first month of summer to pay his half of his new golf clubs! Maybe one day he will be a business man!

Mike with Dennis Carter, Jeff Cassell, and Dennis' sons Tanner and Spencer. Great night on the golf course. The 8th hole is literally in our backyard.

Off they go to finish the last hole and if you look closely you can see that David has grabbed Jeff's hand to hop in his cart. David adores Jeff so much and he allowed David to be his caddy for the last hole.

I am sad that I forgot my camera for the church back-to-school pool party last night at the pool. It was a super fun time and we all had fun. They had hot dogs, chips, cookies, games, and a high dive splash content between Pastor Jonathan and another young man in the church. I got to be one of the judges for that!

Yesterday we also went to the lake to help my grandmother celebrate her 82nd birthday. We took chinese food and a cookie cake with us and we surprised her! The weather was kind of gloomy so I never dreamed we would get to play and swim, but amazingly the weather turned out fine and we did get to get the boat out.

This week I have been working hard on lesson plans for preschool. I am trying to get organized now with planning to minimze weekend planning down the road. I know most teachers do not love the planning part, but I ADORE it! I love to focus on a great book and build a whole weeks worth of lessons around a great children's book. I love it and I have also been planning a train-themed open house. Super fun stuff for sure!

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