Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Summer List

Well, the first day of school is on the horizon so the kids and I are finishing up our "must do" summer list. In our county there is a wave pool and we went there yesterday for an afternoon of fun. We had two hours of fun before a nasty storm ran us out. No problem though, because we have rain checks to come back!!

Here are my three in the water waiting for the waves to be turned on! Hope is so funny these days. We typically do not let her wear bikinis where her belly is fully hanging out but the bathing suit she is wearing in this picture is a two piece but just fits together. I guess it is technically called a tankini. Anyway, she hates for it to ride up and she will yell for me to "pull my belly down" if it rides up!

This little water girl loved the calm when the waves were turned off. It took her an hour to like the waves!

This picture is sweet because David would hold her on his lap at the shore when the waves would start because she was scared. Sweet sentiment however, then the waves would just splash her in the face!

Warming up a little to those waves....

This picture cracks me up because last year David was the one crying about the waves and here he is out there enjoying them! He has truly come so far this year with his swimming.

Here are Kyle and Grace. They were so brave and here is Kyle butterflying through the waves.

This cutie loved the mushroom best!

My little water bug. We really had such a fun afternoon with friends at the wave pool. It is only about 20 minutes away but we usually only venture there once a summer. My friend Suzanne and I both mentioned that the wave pool can be pretty stressful to keep them all safe. Her two boys were braver than she wanted them to be and we were both on alert. Hopefully next week we can take advantage of our rain checks and head back one more time before the school bell rings.

I can tell that my boys are getting excited to start school. Kyle is so anxious to find out his teacher and to see what friends he knows in his class. We already know David's teacher since he will be repeating first grade, but we are excited to see his class list as well.

Today we are going back to the audiologist to revisit David's hearing issues. Earlier in the summer the audiologist reported that David had moderate hearing loss in his left ear due to fluid. The ENT wanted to wait and see if the fluid went away during the summer to see if tubes would be needed. I am anxious to see if the fluid has gone away or if he will still need tubes before school starts. I used to think that getting tubes would be so sad, but now I just want him to hear well so he can learn well. I really do not want to face surgery in the next week or so for him, but I also want what is best for him. God is in control and for that I am extremely thankful.

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