Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hope and I have been talking a lot lately about friends. She has been such an amazing trooper each day going to preschool with me to help prep both of the rooms. She loves being up there but frankly she is ready for her "fwiends" to come. I keep telling her that soon the rooms will be full of new and old friends for her.

I must just say that I am so excited for preschool to start. I have two full classes with lots of cute kids in them. I love teaching and I love lesson planning. Meeting with the fire marshall and doing all the other administrative things is certainly not my strength or my love, but if I want to teach children then I must. I adore creative lesson planning using great children's literature. I love the Mailbox teacher books, and I spend a ridiculous amount of time searching the internet for new and cool ideas. My job does not pay a lot of money, but it is such a blessing to me and I cannot wait!

To reward my little "helper" for being so good we went to Hungry Mother today for a picnic and play. We ran into some special friends and got to have fun playing with them spontaneously. I love when that happens. The weather here has been picture perfect lately with sunny and warm days with temperatures only in the mid-70's and cool nights. It makes me ready for fall pumpkins and football season!

This little brave one has mastered the entire playground and had such fun playing with her friend Owen from church.

She was super obsessed with these ducks and we stalked them. They finally got tired of waddling away from us and flew off.

My fearless one went down the climbing wall.

You know you have had fun when your hot pink Crocs are dusty and dirty! I love spending my days with my favorite girl. I think I am boring Hope though because she is so ready for her preschool friends to join us next week.

As we were leaving the playground today Hope was worried to death about where her friend Owen was going. I explained it to her several times that he had to leave early to go to the dentist but we could play with him again soon. She then said "Mommy us girls are fwiends too-right?" My eyes teared up as I answered here with "yes, baby we will always be best fwiends"

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