Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Flippin' Fun

Last night both David and Hope got to go to gymnastics! David tried it a couple of years ago and it was not a super positive experience, but last night both LOVED it!

He was so excited that he willingly posed for pictures outside in one of his many Under Armor shirts! We are blessed that both of their classes are on Monday nights!

Hope is in the parent/tot class and we had such fun together. She was so proud of her new leotard that we bought last week at Target.

She really did such a great job and after a few minutes of warm-up time she was really a brave girl!

The tumble track was popular with both and here is Hope on it with her teacher, Miss Karen.

Here is Dave warming up! I was really unsure of how he was going to do but he amazed me and did AWESOME! I so enjoyed watching him try to do everything by himself and then to see the pride when he did!

Here he is doing his forward roll with the help of his teacher!

WAtching him try to do his handstand brought tears to my eyes. He worked so hard to perfect it and I was such a proud Momma. When he did it he stood up and said "yes!" This class is so good for his social skills, gross motor skills, and his confidence. It is pricey for two to do gymnastics, but it is so worth it after watching my two gymnasts come out of their shells and build their self confidence.

The last thing they did was different jumps on the tumble track. Here is Mr. David doing a very impressive tuck jump!

I am so proud of my little gymnasts and I am so glad that they had such a flippin' fun time at gymnastics last night. Usually we do swim lessons in the fall but because of David's upcoming surgery water is not the best option for him so gymnastics will be a fun fall activity to keep him active and working on all those gross motor skills:)

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