Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back in the Saddle

We are all adjusting well to our new school routine. The boys love school and we are so thankful. Miss Hope and I have been working hard getting two preschool rooms ready for preschoolers. I am so excited for my year to start after Labor Day.
This little girl has missed her brothers so much while they have been at school. She is ready for preschool to start. In fact she is obsessed with her princess "pack pack" that we bought months ago for the start of preschool. She wanted to get pictures made in her backpack this week:)

She has watched her brother David make funny faces at the camera for so long that she now does it too! This little girl worships her big brother David. They are really hilarious together. I often joke that they are like an old married couple-she bosses him around.

Her backpack is almost as big as she is.

This weekend has been super low key but we did take time Saturday to celebrate Mike's birthday! He hates having attention on himself, but we got him some fun presents and we went out to dinner with a few other families to celebrate. I cannot believe he is 43 considering the fact that we started dating when he was only 29.

Here are the kiddos with the presents before we gave them to him. We got him the Directv college game day plan and then a cool Under Armor jacket and a Steelers shirt.

Saturday night we went out with some friends for dinner before heading to church to watch the second movie in the sermon series "The Gospel according to Disney." Last night they showed the movie Aladdin and it was so good. The rest of our state was contending with Hurricane Irene and thankfully our pretty town in the mountains only got some wind. We were able to bring our lawn chairs and enjoy a pretty night out under the stars watching a movie.

Here is a cute father/daughter picture before the movie. She was excited that the movie was about a princess and Mike being the good girl Daddy can rattle off all the princesses like a champ now. He has not quite mastered painting her toe nails yet, but the man knows his princesses.

Kyle and Tanner were put to work at the move fixing drinks to set out. The soda, candy, and popcorn were all a hit with the kiddos.

Here are Grace and Macy waiting for the movie. Grace is in Kyle's class and they are good friends, and Miss Macy will be in my two day class. We are so thankful to have such sweet family friends. Suzanne and I often joke about having an arranged marriage for Kyle and Grace because they both love presidents and I would love for him to find a sweet preacher's daughter like her one day:)

Today Jonathan preached about the fact that we are all diamonds in the rough just like Aladdin from the movie and David from the bible. He preached from First Samuel today which is my all time favorite scripture where God reminds Saul that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. That scripture tenders my heart so much because of my David. My sweet David is not going to have the highest IQ or be a brain surgeon clearly, but he can still be used by God. If God judges us based on our heart, then my David is fine:)

I have so enjoyed this sermon series and the Saturday night movies have been AWESOME! It has made me even more excited for our upcoming Disney trip in 22 days-not that I am counting or anything:)

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