Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Hoorah!

Each summer we try really hard to meet Chad and his family at the lake for a cousins afternoon. Today we sadly realized was probably the last weekday that we all would get together before school started. We had planned to water ski, but Pops bought a new tube that the kids all LOVED-even Dave!

Here are Hunter and Clayton trying it out! We got so tickled at Clayton and Kyle because they like going straight and fast only-no turns!

Kyle's sweet friend Bre went with us and she really loved the new tube too! I LOVE this picture of Ashley-her facial expression totally sums up her tubing experience!

Here are the straight and fast guys!

They got so brave that they decided to even let go for a minute-Uncle Chad made them pay for their cockiness by doing some Crazy 8's!

Kyle and Bre bouncing on the waves-she was the brave one for sure!

Trying some tricks while the boat was NOT moving:)

Sweet sweet David loves the boat more than anyone. He is Pop's co-pilot!

Sweet Hope took a snooze in the shade.

Aunt "Net Net" was sweet and went swimmng with Dave. He has gotten so brave swimming in the lake with his life jacket on!

I think these three cousins may have exceeded the weight limit of the tube but they certainly had such fun. We love spending time at the lake with family and friends. The week days at the lake are usually so quiet and peaceful.

Somehow Uncle Chad talked David into tubing with him and he did it! We were so proud of him-thanks Uncle Chad!

There goes Uncle Chad and Dave!!!

Sweet Clayton looking like a true first grader with his front teeth missing:)

Uncle Chad checking on DAvid! When the ride was over he yelled "more!" He really loved riding the new tube!

Finishing up the ride with their crazy windblown hair!

I cannot believe summer is winding down. We got to check class lists today and my boys are so happy! They both have wonderful teachers and lots of friendly faces in their classes. This Momma is happy because my boys are happy. Knowing that they are going to have a great year makes it a little bit easier to think about putting the sunscreen and beach towels away for the summer. The Summer of 2011 has truly been wonderful and I am so thankful that I have had so many sun-filled days with my babes. The days may be a little crazy sometimes, but I am a blessed Momma to get to spend each summer day with my kiddos. I pray that these are precious memories that they will keep with them forever-I know I certainly will.

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