Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We are officially back into the school routine around here. The boys both really love school and for that we are so thankful. I love hearing about all their new friends, and both boys love their teachers.

Friday afternoon I was working hard getting my room ready for preschool and Mike needed to mow and get our yard back in shape, so my parents offered for all three kiddos to come to their house for a sleepover. They had a blast and Mike and I enjoyed an evening to catch up around the house, eat a nice meal out and actually watch a movie together. We fall into the trap that so many busy couples do where you often put your marriage behind kids, work, house, etc.. and at times you just need to stop and reconnect. We are thankful to my parents for giving us a night off:)

Saturday night we had such a fun treat. We went out to dinner with two other families that we get together often with. The adults sat at one table, and the kids sort of sat at their own table. After dinner I headed to church for popcorn detail with my friend Suzanne to prepare for.....


At church Jonathan just started a new series called "The Gospel according to Disney" and last night they showed the movie The Lion King on this inflatable and huge screen! We all brought our chairs and sat out in the parking lot to enjoy the movie.

Here are Hope, David and Mike waiting for the show.

Between dinner and the movie Suzanne, Tonya and I popped lots of batches of popcorn and set out candy and drinks for the movie-goers to enjoy. The food and drink were all free and as you can see from the grease on the bags we made the popcorn nice and buttery!!

Here is a side view of the screen and our really tall friend Andy in the red shirt gives you perspective of how tall this screen was.

There are Simba and Mufasa on the big screen! The Lion King is one of my favorite movies and it reminds me of my Frost Valley YMCA days in New York. I was shocked to realize that my children have never ever seen this movie!! Gasp! Embarrassingly I sang every word to every song during the movie last night!!

Today during worship Jonathan took the clip where Simba remembers that he is the son of the King and tied it to how we often forget who we are in Christ. We often forget that we can be more than what we are because of Christ. We so often forget our focus because we forget that we too are the sons/daughters of the King. Great service today at church and now I am even more excited about next week's "drive in" showing of Aladdin!

Life is certainly not perfect, but I am thankful for parents who are willing to host my children for a sleepover, a great church, fun family friends to get together with, great teachers for my boys, a roster full of preschoolers coming my way in two weeks, and the reminder today that I am the daughter of the King.

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