Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pool

The phrase that excites my children the most during the summer is "lets go to the pool." We belong to a pool right across the golf course from our house. It really is in walking distance but three children, plus a bag, plus a cooler, plus floats make for a long walk so we drive!

Our pool is open late on Tuesday and Thursday nights so tonight we took advantage of the later hours for some swimming fun. Going as often as we have this summer has helped my children improve their swimming so much! Here is David jumping off of the side

Here he is swimming under water. Considering last June he sat on the steps and cried, he is doing awesome!! I am so proud:)

This summer Kyle has perfected his dive off of the board and worked on his flip.

This little fishy loves the water so much! Thanks to this puddle jumper she has loved it even more!

This is her "flip" in the water and she spends most of the time under the water while we are at the pool. She is fearless for sure.

Ashley and Jason came with us tonight and David loved having them there.

Kyle practicing his butterfly!

After a while Hope wants to take her puddle jumper off and swim by herself. She is doing really well swimming underwater. The problem is that I cannot take my eyes off of her because she takes off!

This is Hope's latest trick. She wants to "touch da bottom" and Kyle is sweet enough to take her down and touch the bottom in the shallow end. My Kyle has really been a wonderful helper and big brother this summer.

Here they are coming up for a breath!

Off she swims by herself!I love that you can see her eyeballs under the water!! This one is certainly my earliest swimmer.

Mike showed up tonight to watch them swim and he tried to get some pictures of her jumping off. She will now jump off by herself and pop right up. You can see my wet head in the corner of the picture. She does NOT want me to catch her she wants to do it "herself!"

Then she and David jumped together several times!

This picture makes me giggle so much, but here is Jason doing one of his tricks off of the board. I was so impressed because DAvid got on a noodle out in the deep end with Ashley to watch him!

Here is Jason doing a back flip off of the board and frankly I think he has Olympic potential-look at the feet together and toes pointed!!

Look at the entry-Olympic potential! Seriously, we had a great time and David was so thrilled that two of his favorite people were swimming with him tonight. The other night David made $4 selling golf balls and so he took Ashley and Jason out for a post-swim Frosty with his earnings.

I am so thankful for our pool and for the amazing times we have had there this summer. It is truly a family atmosphere there where everyone pretty much knows each other and it is a fun way to spend a hot summer keeping cool with good friends. I will be so sad when the pool closes for the season:)

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