Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Week of Preschool

The 2012-2013 preschool year is over.  I amd tired and weary from all the fun,  but with my heart happy and full of memories.  This last week of preschool has been busy with two parties and a graduation ceremony last night.  After the last party this morning I came home and crawled into bed. 

This little girl has had a blast partying it up with both classes.  Yesterday in her three-year old class we were suppose to have an outdoor party at one of the student's homes, but it rained (of course) so we had it in the classroom.  The kids still had fun!

We decorated visors to wear for the summer.  Soo cute!
Last night we had the graduation ceremony.  The culinary arts students at the local technical school made these adorable (and super yummy) cupcakes for the reception.  I drove soooo slowly and carefully transporting 150 cupcakes in my car.
Me and my sweet girl.  I am so thankful that I get to teach my own daughter at preschool.  We are making such sweet memories together and I am soooo thankful I get to have her for one more year. 
She has loved every minute of preschool this year.  She has made sweet friends and she has learned so much. 
Last night watching her sing I was bursting with pride.  Back in November for the Thanksgiving program she would not even get on stage.  At the christmas program she got on stage, but did not utter a sound, and last night she rocked it out with all her friends.  Here the students are singing a hilarious rendition of Singing in the Rain with their thumbs up, heads back, knees together, bottoms out, eyes closed, and tongues out. 

One of the preschoolers favorite song is Awesome God and when both classes were on stage singing their hearts out, I got cold chills up my arms.  I am so blessed (along with two great friends) to teach these children each day.  To sing songs about Jesus, pray each day, and read bible stories along with all the necessary ABC's and 123's is a privilege that I cherish. 
This time next year my baby will be one of the students on stage in a graduation cap.  That thought hurts my heart a little to think of teaching without her. 
Big brothers as well as GG and Pops came to the program to watch her sing.  Mike got to watch the program before heading out to a local high school graduation.  I can still remember sitting in the same sanctuary watching Kyle's graduation from preschool.  He will be heading to middle school next year-how can this be????

This morning we had our last day with the four year olds that are heading to big school next year.  My friend and fellow teacher, Misty had the BEST idea for today's party.  We both have been following a blog ( about this little cancer warrior who is now with Jesus.  This blog has touched us both and of course childhood cancer is near and dear to our hearts due to David. 
This little boy, named Ty, may have lost his battle with cancer but he touched many lives.  His parents have started a foundation to raise money for cancer research.  One of the things that little Ty talked about doing after he beat cancer was to jump in mud puddles.  His treatment left him unable to walk on his own before he passed.  To raise money, his parents have started a muddle puddles project where children get to enjoy being children in his honor.  Today on our last day we had a "mess fest" where we had day full of messy activities and fun and each child brought in a donation for the foundation.  As you can see, this little girl loved it!
We had bubbles, feet and hand painting, shaving cream, slime, and seed planting in the dirt.  The children wore old clothes and we had lots of parent volunteers who helped make this day successful.  Our class raised $150 for childhood cancer research!! 
Sadly I know what cancer can do to a child and a family.  This "mess fest" today was so special because we got to raise money for something personal to me and our students had a ball. 
The shaving cream was a hit as well as the slime!
Here is our class and  few extra friends in front of our sign.  Tonight I will be sending this picture and our donation to the muddy puddles project online. 

I am ready for a holiday weekend to recover from all this fun!!  Thanks FUMC preschoolers and families for a wonderful year. 

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