Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013 turned into a Robinson staycation.  We did not plan for it to happen but we truly did not leave the town limits.  I did not wear makeup except for Monday and we just played and worked outside.  It was exactly what two weary parents needed. 

Each Memorial Day our town has an awesome parade.  Our courthouse lawn is decorated with flags representing all the fallen heroes from our county.  It is a beautiful sight that reminds us all what this holiday is all about.  GG and Pops came down for the day to go to the parade with us and then we went to Hungry Mother. 
Dave insisted on a boy picture at the parade:)
After the parade, we headed to one of our favorite local treasures, Hungry Mother State Park for a picnic and day of fun.  We are so blessed to have this beautiful park in our town. 
Hope and David rode a million miles on their bikes.  I know because I had to walk  beside them each step of the way:)
They threw rocks in the creek and looked for creatures. 
Kyle was dying to go swimming, but it was too cool to swim.  It was a perfect day for a picnic, but not quite warm enough to get wet.
We ran into several friends out at the park and here are Kyle and David fishing with the help of our buddy, Owen Armbrister.  No one caught a fish, but it was fun to try for a while. 
Dave and Pops in their matching sun hats fishing.  This picture is precious to me. 
This girl loves a good playground and she and David played for hours.  We spent most of the day enjoying family time and the beautiful weather at our awesome local state park:) 

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