Thursday, May 2, 2013

Herding Cattle and Eyeballs

This time of year as a parent I feel like I am herding stubborn cattle.  It is SOL season here in Virginia so Kyle has four big SOL tests over the next three weeks.  We are studying nightly and it is pretty painful for both of us.  His first one is in Science today. 

It is pretty stressful but I also love to see Kyle dig in and study. School typically comes pretty easy to Kyle but this time of year we both dig in and review.  Friends have joked with us that we are hard on our children and that we have high expectations.  We will admit that we do (in a nurturing and loving way), but it is because we believe that the bible wants us to train up children.  We also understand that nothing replaces hardwork for future success.  We are desperate for our children to love God and to develop a work ethic. 

I read that Tiger Mother book several years ago about that crazy Mom who pushed her daughters in every aspect of their life.  I laughed with my friends about how much of a nut she was and how her daughters probably hated her because she allowed them no fun and all work in their lives.

I still think Tiger Mother was too extreme but I also think she was on to something.  Children need to be cattle prodded a little in my opinion.  I will not sit by and teach my children by default to be entitled and self-absorbed or that the world owes them a living.  We refuse to sit by and allow our children to be addicted to playing x-box and have no idea what it means to work.   God has blessed all three of our children with gifts and talents.  It is our job as parents to encourage them to use that potential for their future success and His glory.  We also believe that this can be done and still have time for fun, hugs, and a little x-box now and again.

I did take a study break yesterday to take David to Roanoke for an eye exam.  We were encouraged to get an updated eye exam because chemo and radiation could have harmed his eyes.  Sweet boy is already wearing bifocals that were prescribed three years ago.

David rocked the exam and was so sweet and cooperative.  I was a little amazed!  Anyway, the pediatric eye doctor confirmed that he did need a new prescription but that his eyes were not damaged at all and that he has no cataracts.  I love hearing good news from doctors!

This week we have also been blessed with a break from baseball games.  We have had lots of rest and study time this week.  It has been really nice to slow down our pace for this week to take time to study. 

Please say a prayer for Kyle and all the kids that are taking these big state tests.  Thanks to their amazing teachers, he is prepared and ready.  He is already off to bed and has requested a chicken biscuit in the morning:) 

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