Friday, May 10, 2013

Week in Pictures and Motherhood

I do not think I have ever gone this long without updating the blog.  This week has been brutal but with many fun and bright spots along the way.  Mike was out of town earlier in the week.  The kids were good, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when Mike returns from a conference. 

The exciting news in our house is that David is finally a bike rider!  Woot woot!  The pedaling concept is a huge one for him and this is an exciting milestone for him to reach.  I think from looking at this picture he needs a bigger bike and of course we still need the training wheels but for now we are THRILLED that the pedaling concept is under our belt. 
Of course this little princess is too a bike rider and girlfriend can pedal those sweet little legs of hers!  I love it!  If the weather would ever cooperate, I want to take the kids to Hungry Mother for a bike ride. 
When I picked David up from school the other day he got in the car with flowers for me.  He looked so precious and proud holding those flowers at parent pickup.  He melts my heart.
The other night while Mike was gone Ashley and I took the kids to the mall to eat, get new glasses for David, and to bounce.  Kyle is almost too big to jump now, but he was so sweet helping Hope and David.  I love seeing my kids enjoying being together.  They fuss and fight like all kids, but they really do love each other.
Hope is still loving her gymnastics and she tells us that it is making her strong!  We just signed on for more classes because she loves it so much!!Here she is swinging on the big rope.  Gymnastics has helped her confidence so much. 
This morning at preschool we had a Mother's Day tea for the moms.  It was so sweet.  The children escorted their moms to their seats, they shared a special snack with them, they entertained them with songs, and then they presented a cookbook to them made by our class.  I knew we would be too busy to get a good picture at preschool, so Kyle took a picture of me and my sweet preschooler together.
Hope and some of her preschool friends.  The children were so excited to surprise their Moms with all the goodies we had worked hard on.  We did a little questionaire with the kids asking them questions about their Moms. Here is how Hope answered:
Mommy's favorite color is  pink.
My Mommy loves to eat lasagna.
My Mommy is a lot feet tall and weighs 20 pounds.
I love it when my Mommy plays with me.
Mommy's favorite thing to do is to clean.
Cleaning?  really? Bless her heart.  Right now I love to get together with friends to run or to watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix:) 

I love that I get to spend my mornings with my sweet little preschooler and her friends each day. 
This weekend I am excited to celebrate being a Mom.  Motherhood has certainly had its challenges for me but I am so thankful that God blessed me with three little loves.  I am a blessed woman. 

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